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all that glitters,

is not gold

Artemis Fowl 100
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This is AF100. Blatantly ripped off from hp100 which was blatantly ripped off from something else. The Artemis Fowl fandom needed a drabble community, so here it is.

What is af100?

Simple. We give you a challenge (every Monday night, AEST) which you write 100 or so words for. You then post it here, in the community. You have until the following Sunday evening.


Archiving will be attempted for the period of a challenge after that challenge has ended. For example, the period of drabbles in response to Challenge #1 will be archived after Challenge #1 has finished and Challenge #2 has begun.

The archive of challenges can be found here.

The archive of stories, by author's LiveJournal can be found here.


-All entries should be 100 words; it's ok to go over/under this, just don't write an epic
-All entries that are rated hard-R or NC17 must be lj-cut
-You can post as many responses to one challenge as you like; if you've written several at one time, post them in the same entry (lj-cut) all at the same time; otherwise, post them seperately
-All ratings and pairings are allowed (het, gen, slash)
-Suggest a new challenge in the most recent challenge entry
-Please, give feedback to the authors if you like their story

Email me here if there's something I've missed.