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The White Lily

Three drabbles from a Brand New Member

Title: Pieces
Prompt: Puzzle
Rating: PG/K+
Words: 100
Points: The TLP Appreciation Society

She fell in love, first, with the intensity of those blue eyes.

They pinned her like a butterfly, from across a crowded room, and she blushed as she fell.

After they were married, he still gazed at her with those piercing blue eyes, transfixing her as he searched out her vulnerable spots and then deliberately broke her again and again.

She dreamed of leaving him before she fell completely apart; she dreamed of being free and whole.

It was only when the Fowl Star sank that she realized that he had been all that was holding her shattered pieces together.

Two angsty non-challenge Jolliet drabbles
Words: 100 x 2
Rating: PG-13/T rating for adult themes
Pairings: H/J/A


Juliet’s mascara is running as she hides herself in her brother’s arms.

It had been too immense a sacrifice to ask, even for a fairy in love. Her family, magic, her very life… she couldn’t make it.

When it’s time for Butler’s rounds, Artemis lays a hand on Juliet’s shoulder and she turns to cling to his neck instead, staining his expensive shirt with blackened tears.

Later, when she is splayed atop his Egyptian cotton sheets, she is crying only a little. Her smudged eyes and lips are pressed tightly closed.

She doesn’t call him by name.

He doesn’t mind.


“I have forgotten how to fly,” read Juliet, silently praying that Artemis’s insistence on this same story, every night, would soon fade. “I am old, Peter. I am ever so much more than twenty. I grew up long ago…”

The question was always the same, at the end.

“Oh, can’t we open the window, Mummy?”

Juliet looked over at the cold Irish rain running down the glass, at the slight shimmer outside that had raised her hopes far too many times to be believed anymore.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” said Juliet.

It wouldn’t be so hard if she really had forgotten.

Kitty made me do it! I was reading over some old entries and comments here and Kitty said drabbles were easy and fun and challenging, and before I knew it I had two drabbles posted on and a challenge response. So… yeah, here they are. Next, I hope to attempt a genre other than angst. *sigh*
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